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1789 Presidential Election Interactive Map

35 electoral votes to win
no 1789 election
no 1789 election
Washington Undecided 3P

1789 Actual Election Results

Candidate Party Electoral Votes
George Washington Federalist 69
Others Independent 35
John Adams Federalist 34

1789 Election Facts

  • Prior to 1804, each Elector cast two votes for President, effectively doubling the votes cast
  • Each Elector selected Washington with one of his votes, effectively making him unanimous choice for President. That is reflected on the map above. By coming in 2nd, John Adams was named Vice-President
  • Two of 13 original Colonies (North Carolina and Rhode Island) had not ratified Constitution, and did not participate; New York did not choose Electors due to an internal dispute
  • Issues of the Day: Ratification of U.S. Constitution (Article Two relates to the executive branch and selection of the president)