2018 Senate Map Updated for Alabama Special Election

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2018 Senate Map Updated for Alabama Special Election

It is unlikely to change many forecasts as the seat is currently regarded as safely Republican

Proposed Constitutional Amendment: Apportionment Based on Citizenship

Iowa Rep. Steve King introduced a joint resolution in January, 2017 that would consider only U.S. citizens when determining the number of congressional districts in each state

The 2016 Election Under Alternate Electoral Allocation Methods

Don't like the results? Change the rules!

2018 Senate Map Launched; Democrats Defending 25 of 33 Seats

After gaining two seats in the 2016 election, Democrats will need to gain three more to control the Senate in 2019. It is a tall order given the composition of races next year.

Congress Update: Recent and Pending Vacanies; Retirements Announced

Two House seats are vacant as a result of political appointees being confirmed. Additional vacancies may be forthcoming as President Trump's nominations are confirmed.

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