First Look: Projected 2024 Electoral Vote Allocation

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First Look: Projected 2024 Electoral Vote Allocation

The 2020 Census will lead to a reapportionment of congressional districts and thus changes to the electoral map beginning with the 2024 presidential election

Donald Trump Officially Wins Presidency as Electoral Votes Counted by Congress

Several objections came up during the count but these were disallowed

If All States Voted Like Maine and Nebraska: Trump 290 Clinton 248

Despite winning 100 more electoral votes than Romney in 2012, this methodology produces very similar results in both 2012 and 2016

Trump's Winning Map Changes 'Same Since' Maps Dating Back to 1988

Trump won six states and a district in Maine that Obama won in 2012; several of the states had been blue for a generation or more

2016 Alternate Electoral Methods: A Preliminary Look

Trump would still win, with a narrower electoral vote margin, using most of these methodologies

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