Utah 2018 Primaries

June 26, 2018
Follow live election results from Utah's 2018 congressional and gubernatorial primaries. Polls close at 8:00 PM Mountain time (10:00 PM Eastern); results should follow shortly thereafter. Vote counts and race calls presented in partnership with Decision Desk HQ. Only those races with contested primaries will be displayed below.

Governor: No 2018 election.

U.S. Senate: Incumbent Sen. Orrin Hatch is retiring. 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is expected to prevail both in the primary and in November. Romney will face Democratic Salt Lake City County Councilwoman Jenny Wilson, who was nominated at the party's convention earlier this year.< /b>

U.S. House: All four congressional districts will be up for election this fall. There are only a couple contested primaries. In November, only the Salt Lake-area 4th district is expected to be competitive.

Note that this election is conducted primarily by mail. As a result, 'precincts reporting' data may lag the actual vote count.

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