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Interactive Republican Delegate Calculator

The Road to 1,237

Will any Republican earn the required 1,237 delegates to win the nomination before the Party's convention in Cleveland this July? For those interested in gaming it out, we provide this calculator. It is pre-filled with some estimates based on polling and other factors.

You can update any of the allocations on this page. The unallocated value will turn red if you assign too many. If you allow cookies, any projections you make should remain when you return to the page. To assist your efforts, the current polling average* is provided for each state.

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Polling Average* Delegate Allocation
Trump Cruz Kasich Trump Cruz Kasich Unallocated
Pledged 968 545 155
Unbound 88 9
Starting Delegate Total 1,056 554 155
May 3 IN
***No recent polls*** 0
May 10 NE
***No recent polls*** 0
***No recent polls*** 1
May 17 OR
***No recent polls*** 0
May 24 WA
***No recent polls*** 4
Jun 7 CA
***No recent polls*** 172
***No recent polls*** 27
***No recent polls*** 51
***No recent polls*** 24
***No recent polls*** 29
Total 1,239 559 161

Starting Delegate Total is comprised of pledged plus committed unbound delegates for contests held prior to May 3rd. Pledged delegates are those that are bound to the candidate through at least one ballot at the Republican Convention. Committed unbound delegates are those that have indicated they will support a specific candidate; however they can change their mind.

For contests held May 3rd and later, we will update delegate counts within the body of the table. If you have made your own projection for a state, you'll need to Reset the table to see those changes (or you can make them manually).

(WD) Withdrawna: Rubio (165), Carson (7), Bush (4), Fiorina (1), Huckabee (1), Paul (1)

(UA) Unallocatedb: ND (11), WY (4), PA (3), LA (3), CO (2), OK (2), VI (1)

a Delegates won by candidates that exited the race prior to May 3rd. Rules vary by state on whether and how long these delegates are bound. Here’s a summary for Marco Rubio’s delegates.

bThis is a catch-all for the delegates not won by a current or withdrawn candidate. It includes unbound delegates that have not committed to a specific candidate along with unallocated delegates from any state/territory not in the calculator table.

* Calculation varies by state depending on the number and recency of polls. Click/tap state abbreviation for details.

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