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15 Governor Seats to be contested

Kentucky, Louisiana and Mississippi will have elections for governor in 2015, although only one race is expected to be competitive. That race, in Kentucky, will see voters choose a replacement for term-limited governor Steve Beshear. The other two seats are expected to remain in Republican hands, with Phil Bryant running in Mississippi. Bobby Jindal will be leaving office due to term limits. Republicans currently hold 31 governorships, the most since 1999, and close to a historic high for the party.

Use the governor election map and content below to create your forecast for the three races in 2015, as well as the 12 that will follow in 2016. Pro forecasts courtesy of Sabato's Crystal Ball. Use our Who Represents Me to find your elected officials or those for any address in the country.

Governor Elections Thru 2016
2015: 3 Elections, Now 2 (R), 1 (D)
2016: 12 Elections, Now 8 (D), 4 (R)
(a) To update your forecast for a race, rotate its color directly on the map or select the color box under ‘Mine’ in the table and choose a different rating. If you allow cookies, your forecast will be saved for future visits.

* Alaska’s governor is an Independent

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