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Note: This map is no longer being supported. It is functional for 2014, but does not include an option for an independent in Kansas.

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2014 Senate Elections
36 Senate elections are scheduled to take place on November 4, 2014. 33 are on the normal six-year cycle, with special elections in Hawaii, Oklahoma and South Carolina. The 36 seats are currently held by 21 Democrats and 15 Republicans. 5 Democrats and 2 Republicans have announced they are retiring and not seeking reelection; 1 Republican is resigning.

As a result of the special elections in Oklahoma and South Carolina, both Senate seats in those states will be up in 2014. To accommodate this, the interactive map will rotate between red (2 Republicans), blue (2 Democrats) and purple (1 each).
Using the Maps
There are three starting views from which to choose. The 2014 Competitive Races view is based on projections by Sabato's Crystal Ball. The 2014 interactive map and the 2015 Senate map work together; the Flip button lets you choose which is on top. Place your cursor on top of any state on the top map to see relevant election information. If cookies are set, your custom map will be saved for future visits to the site.
270toWin Senate Map Legend
36 U.S. Senate seats to be contested in 2014
2014 Interactive Senate Map
The current Senate has 53 Democrats & 45 Republicans. There are two Independents who caucus with the Democrats. This status is reflected on the slider below the map, as it is important in helping to determine the majority party.

If this is your first visit, choose a starting view for the interactive map from the three options presented. Click any state with an election to start customizing. As you modify a state, the slider showing total Senators for each party will update, as will the 2015 Senate map.

More details, including a legend, appear below the maps.

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