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2012 Republican Primary: The Road to 1144 Delegates

Number of Delegates
1144 Delegates Needed
Delegate counts from AP, via New York Times

For the 2012 presidential election, there are 2,286 delegates. To secure the nomination prior to the Republican convention, a candidate will need to win 1,144 delegates. In the table below, we've divided up the contests into 5 chronological groups.

June Primaries The 2012 Republican nominating contests wrap up in June with 6 state primaries that have a total of 339 delegates (15% of the total). The largest event, by far, is California, which has more delegates than all the other June states combined.

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Early Contests: These 11 states, with 345 total delegates at the Republican convention, take place prior to Super Tuesday. This represents 15% of the total Republican delegates. Florida, New Hampshire and South Carolina will only have 50% of the normal allocation of delegates due to each state's decision to hold their primary in January. Even with the reduced total, Florida is the largest prize during this period.
Super Tuesday: Ten states will hold races on this single date, with 437 delegates ultimately at stake. This represents 19% of the total Republican delegates. Georgia, Ohio and Tennessee are the largest prizes on this date.

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Rest of March: After Super Tuesday, there are 13 contest scheduled in March, with 405 delegates up for grabs at the Republican convention; about 18% of the total. During this period are 5 off-shore caucuses, including 4 in U.S. Territories as well as Hawaii. There is also a primary in Puerto Rico. Back on the mainland, 3 states in the deep south as well as Illinois hold primaries, while Kansas, Missouri and Wyoming will caucus.

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April Primaries The action is mostly in the northeast in April, with 8 primary contests, including delegate-rich races in Pennsylvania and New York. A total of 329 delegates (14% of the total) are at stake in these contests. Most of the events take place on the 24th, making this date one of the largest in terms of delegates available during the 2012 Republican primary.

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May Primaries Eight primaries are scheduled for May, with 431 delegates available, 19% of the total. The largest prize is Texas on May 29.

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