2012 Electoral Map: Poll Version

The map on this page displays the electoral forecast based on 2012 state-level polling. Where no polling or only limited, months-old polling is available, the spreads may include a weighting based on 2008 actual results. Where multiple polls are available for a state, it is generally an average of the most recent poll from each pollster, although older polls may be dropped.

The map below may differ significantly from the 2012 battleground states map (also available if you reset the home page map), although they should converge as the election draws near. For more on how that map is created, see this blog post.

Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama Last updated: November 5, 2012

Click here to launch an interactive map with the above as a starting point to build your own 2012 election forecast. Note that all states with any shade of blue will show as blue on the interactive map; the same with red.
Add the Polling Map to your website or blog. Various sizes are available.

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