2010 Senate Elections
37 Senate elections, from 36 states (two in New York) will take place in November, 2010. 34 are on the normal six-year cycle, while 3 special elections will take place:
State Prior Incumbent Reason for Vacancy Appointed Senator Regular Election
Delaware Joe Biden Resigned to be VP Ted Kaufman 2014
New York Hillary Clinton Resigned to be
Secretary of State
Kirsten Gillibrand 2012
West Virginia Robert Byrd Death Carte Goodwin 2012
All these off-cycle election seats are currently held by Democrats. A fourth special election, to replace the late Senator Ted Kennedy (also a Democrat) was held on January 19, 2010, won by Republican Scott Brown.
Using the Maps
There are three starting views from which to choose.   The 2010 Competitive Races view is based on projections by The Cook Political Report.  The 2010 interactive map and the 2011 Senate map work together; the Flip button lets you choose which is on top.   Place your cursor on top of any state on the top map to see relevant election information.   If cookies are set, your custom map will be saved for future visits to the site.
Florida Senate Race
It appears that Florida will have a competitive three-way race this fall, with an independent candidate challenging the Republican and Democratic nominees. Unlike the situations in Vermont and Connecticut, where the Independent Senators there caucus with the Democrats, it is not clear which party this candidate will side with should he prevail in the election. (If the Senate ends up 50-49, this will be an interesting spectacle to watch as that choice could determine the majority party in 2011). For purposes of the interactive map, you can set Florida to a yellow color, reflecting a victory by this unaffiliated candidate.
270toWin Senate Map Legend
37 U.S. Senate seats to be contested in 2010
2010 Interactive Senate Map
The current Senate has 57 Democrats & 41 Republicans. There are two Independents who caucus with the Democrats. This status is reflected on the slider below the map, as it is important in helping to determine the majority party.

If this is your first visit, choose a starting view for the interactive map from the three options presented. Click any state with an election to start customizing. As you modify a state, the slider showing total Senators for each party will update, as will the 2011 Senate map.

More details, including a legend, appear below the maps.

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