2010 Interactive House Map

The biennial election for all 435 U.S. House seats will take place on November 2, 2010. If this is your first visit, you should see the party breakdown of the current House on the map. Place your cursor atop any District to see relevant information (legend).

There are 3 starting views in addition to the Current House. All Neutral lets you fill in each seat from 0-0. Projected House and Projected House - Margin both highlight how the House may look following the election. The difference between the two projected maps is that the 'Margin' one breaks each race into 7 categories; providing a much finer look at the competitive races. Both 'projected' maps are based on race analysis by The Cook Political Report.

The map is interactive; enabling you to track the upcoming election as you desire. All the maps rotate between blue/red and undecided, except the 'Margin' map which rotates between all 7 categories. As you modify the map, the slider will update. If cookies are set, your custom map will be saved for future visits to the site. To reset the map and see the starting views again, click "Reset View".

Navigation: Above the 2010 election map are a number of options to navigate around the map and to make it easier to view Districts that are clustered in a small geographic area. Use the directional arrows to move and the +/- buttons to zoom in or out. There are also 16 preset buttons that will zoom in to a specific metro area or region. For easiest navigation, we suggest clicking one of the preset buttons and then using the directional and zoom buttons to fine tune. Alternately, click any location on the map. This will then serve as the center point on the map for any directional or zoom button activity that immediately follows.

Search the Map: Use the FIND button to locate Congressional Districts that meet your desired criteria of geography, party, length of service, 2010 race status and more.


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