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Be Your Own Pundit

Get started with a map from our Library. Project red for Republican states and blue for Obama states. For a deeper, more realistic experience, use the full palette of colors available for each party. Track states that are safe, likely or leaning each candidate’s way to see how solid their projected electoral total really is. Build maps and make changes with a touch. With the 270toWin iPad App, the election truly is in your hands.

Save & Share Your Maps

Your election scenarios are automatically saved, and can be shared via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. Whether you want to create a single map, a series of maps to project for each possible Obama match-up, or a new map every day - you are only limited by the memory on your iPad.

Go to the Library

Approximately thirty 2012-election map templates, across six categories come with 270toWin. Educational on their own, any of these maps can serve as the starting point for your own 2012 forecast with a single touch.

Learn Election History

All prior presidential elections are brought to life with an engagingly interactive map timeline. View the candidates vying for our nation’s highest office, the westward expansion of our country, the changing composition of political parties and electoral votes, issues of the day and interesting election facts.

Learn State Voting History

Even if your state leans consistently red or blue today, this likely has not always been the case. 270toWin includes a screen for each state including Washington DC; each one packed with facts and figures about a state’s voting history from the date of admission.

Split Maine & Nebraska

These two states don’t follow the “all or nothing” electoral vote approach used elsewhere. This allows an electoral vote in Maine and up to two in Nebraska to be allocated to the popular vote loser. You can reflect this on any map you create.