Trump, Clinton Lead in 3 Swing States Despite Poor Favorability Ratings
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2016 Presidential Election Map

This isn't a popularity contest™
It will take 270 electoral votes to win the 2016 presidential election. Select states on this interactive map to create your own 2016 election forecast. For more info on features of the interactive 2016 electoral map, go here. See this historical elections timeline for maps and results from all prior presidential elections.
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Trump, Clinton Lead in 3 Swing States Despite Poor Favorability Ratings

Findings of a new Quinnipiac poll of voters in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania

Biden to Decide on 2016 Shortly

Joe Biden is nearing a decision on whether to run for president in 2016.

CNBC Sets Eligibility Criteria for Next Republican Debate

The 3rd Republican debate will be on October 28th

Waiting for Biden: CNN Democratic Debate Criteria

CNN has invited 5 to the first Democratic debate; is holding a spot for VP Joe Biden should he enter the race.

Four General Election Debates Announced for 2016

The Commission on Presidential Debates today announced the dates and locations for 2016 general election debates

About this Site is an interactive Electoral College map for 2016 and a history of Presidential elections in the United States. Since electoral votes are generally allocated on an "all or none" basis by state, the election of a U.S President is about winning the popular vote in enough states to achieve 270 electoral votes, a majority of the 538 that are available. It is not about getting the most overall popular votes, as we saw in the 2000 election, when the electoral vote winner (Bush) and the popular vote winner (Gore) were different.
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