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Thousands of people are visiting 270toWin each day to learn about electoral history and make projections for the 2008 race.  If you have found our site useful, we ask for your support.  As our thanks, we'll give you the desktop version of our 2008 map.
"I use this site so much with my 5th grade Early American History classes. I love that we can learn about previous elections as well as each state's voting history. My SMART Board fully features the content of your site.

You have made what can be a very daunting subject of learning come to life! They really "get it" now and have loved experimenting with the election process with 270towin at home with their parents. Thank you for such a great learning tool."

    --SK, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Track your views on the Electoral Vote as the 2008 election heads into its final days. This is a desktop version of the 270toWin interactive map, including each state's Electoral Votes, starting views and the ability to split Maine & Nebraska electoral votes. You can click each state to change between the Republican and Democratic nominees, and your choices will be retained the next time you open the software.

System Requirements: Windows Vista or XP

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