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Trivia Time: February 9, 2012

February 9, 2012

During 2012, we’ll periodically tweet a trivia question, offering a copy of our iPad app (or something equally wonderful) to the first correct respondent.    To participate in future trivia, follow 270toWin on Twitter.  Only one guess per trivia handle per question.

Here were today’s questions.  We gave an app to the first correct respondent for each.

Part 1: Name the first President born as an American citizen.  

Part 2:   Of all the Presidents born as American citizens, name the state that has been the birthplace of the greatest number of them.

Answer:    Part 1:  Martin Van Buren    Part 2:   Ohio with 7.     Many of our early presidents were born while the now United States was still under British rule.  In fact, each president from Washington to Andrew Jackson was born a British subject.  Martin Van Buren was the first born an American citizen (born 1782 in Kinderhook, New York).   Van Buren’s successor, William Henry Harrison was the final president not born as an American citizen.

As for part 2, Virginia is the birthplace of 8 presidents.  However, 5 of the 8 Virginians were in the group born as British subjects.  Therefore, Ohio, with 7 presidents born there (all American citizens at birth) is the correct answer to the question asked.    For more information, see this Wikipedia article.


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