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Final 2012 Presidential Election Electoral and Popular Vote

January 4, 2013

While it may come as a surprise since Election Day was about two months ago, Barack Obama and Joe Biden were not officially re-elected until today (January 4), when the electoral vote results of each state (certified by the Electors) were read and tabulated in Congress.    There were no surprises:  The final tally was Obama 332, Romney 206 for President;  Biden 332, Ryan 206 for Vice-President.     For those interested in the process of getting from the vote on Election Day to today, this article from the National Archives website provides a high-level summary.     That narrative specifies January 6th as the date for the count in Congress; we’re assuming it was changed to today because the 6th is a Sunday.

The final popular vote totals were 65,899,660 for Obama-Biden (51.1%) and 60,932,152 (47.2%) for Romney-Ryan.   Visit our states area to see the 2012 popular vote percentages, and compare those to the prior 4 elections.  (Note that the very bottom part of these pages are not yet updated for 2012.)

**  In the weeks ahead, we’ll be updating the site (and our iPad App) to let you start creating and sharing 2016 electoral maps.    Since both parties will have new nominees, the updates will allow you to create specific Democratic and Republican match-ups. **


  • nicolino will


    • nicolino will


  • Brooke Paige

    The date was changed by a Joint Resolution of Congress H.J. #122, signed by the Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate (Biden) on December 20, 2012. This was unusual in that when the mandated 6th of January falls on a weekend day, in the past the date was always moved forward to the next weekday (rather than backward). Assume nothing – a little research will provide the facts!

  • nicolino will


  • David

    Great site a small mistake in Nevada.

    In 2012, Nevadans voted for Mitt Romney over Mitt Romney by a margin of 52% to 46%.

  • sharinlite

    Thanks for providing me the proof re the dumbest group of voters in the history of America….5l.l% of which 47% are welfare of some kind or other recipients voted for Obama….says it all!!.

  • PENman

    About 22% of the American voters voted. Didn’t you care? It’s your fault. You had a chance to do something GREAT and you screwed UP whoever you are….

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  • 270toWin


    • http://gawd.co/ Mostly Harmless

      Yep, It’s workin’.

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  • jack lee

    Obama won by 51 percent which means for the most part only a little over half wanted hes sorry as— . He won by lies,deceit,blaming ,fooling ignorant voter zombies and some voter fraud . now we are getting and seeing the damage he done to America, and the middle east. failed at everything except for lying, blaming speeches,and major cover ups,on scandles,hiding evidence and keeping the liberal socialist press with him. he succeded on those things very well,and delivered on hes promise, a change we can believe in, that’s for sure real sure.


      zzzzzzzzzzzzzz “the damage he done to America”

      An uneducated O-hater. Now I’ve seen everything.

      • Letgomyeggo

        Typical DA democrat. Hone in on a typo but neglect the accuracy of the statement. Go drink some more kool aid dork. Yours truly, O-hater

        • Tony

          Ever heard of editing.

          Besides “the damage he done”, the guy apparently cannot spell scandal either.

          Starting with “He won … is just one long, run-on sentence.

          Other than that, he’s a great writer.


      • chattycathy123

        Are you still crying,
        Jack Lee, since your “guy” didn’t win? I bet your eyes are still swollen from all the boo-hooing you have been doing. Get over it. The majority voted for Obama for a second time. It may not have been so close if the RePukers had actually had a candidate in the race. Instead, they actually thought that Romney (Mister we do not care about all retirees on social security, disabled vets, et cetera because all they think they deserve are handouts”) What a pathetic moron he was. Sorry. What a pathetic moron he is.

  • Guest

    Romney in a landslide!

  • Grandma_of_Four

    Here is what I have been thinking! The % of eligible voters in the USA who actually got off the couch, put on their shoes, got themselves to the polls, and VOTED FELL from 62.3% in 2008 to 57.5% in 2012 because they were determined NOT TO VOTE. Thus, that 42.5% of eligible voters who DID NOT VOTE very much participated in VOTING back into office our Saul Alinsky/Cloward Piven ADVOCATE (and if you have no idea WHAT I am talking about, do some homework via GOOGLE) “president. Had voters turned out, as is their responsibility and not sat there belly aching and yelling at the TV or the computer, BOTH these elections might have had much different results. However, the NON VOTER did not do the responsible thing and we have been stuck with this man who did say he was going to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE AMERICA. He was not kidding and he is proceeding to make every effort to do just that! TOO bad so many folks were swayed by the smile, the waving, the back slapping, the jogging up and down the steps plus the notion the country was electing their very first Black president…..NOT! Barack Obama is definitely NOT a Black man in any traditional sense….NEVER, EVER was and is not today! Read his background! And, all the complaining about the Senate and the House of Representatives has the same situation…..you get what you did OR DID NOT VOTE FOR! NON VOTERS participate here again and let other, motivated folks go out and do the electing!
    STOP COMPLAINING and GO VOTE….even in Mid Term elections! It is WAY TO IMPORTANT!!! Ok….I am done! For this morning!

  • amygriffinit
  • whowhatme

    Common Core Voters are the reason why King Obama was re-elected…plus all of the crooked back door deals…

  • Michele

    Wow! Barack Obama won the 2012 Presidential Election by 5 MILLION votes!

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