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November 13, 2012

America’s Electoral Map Contest:  There were 34,342 valid entries to the contest,  15,856 entrants (one entry per day was allowed) and 5,534 unique map configurations uploaded.   The most commonly submitted map was the correct map, and was submitted 2,307 times.    The first three of these perfect entries came within an hour of the start of the contest.   In the end, this election didn’t deliver any major surprises, so we expected to have quite a few perfect guesses.    In addition to the first perfect map winner, we’ll be randomly selecting 3 entries this week from the remaining group of perfect entries, as per the official rules.     If any of these selections are deemed not eligible to receive a prize, a substitute winner will be selected and notified.   For those that don’t win, please see the official rules for how to request a list of winners.




2012 Results:    We’ll be updating the site over the next couple months to reflect the final 2012 presidential election results.  These are not technically official until the Electors vote and the states submit their popular vote totals in December.  We’ll also begin to set the map and site up for those of you that want to begin to look ahead to 2016.

  • nicolino will

    i love 2012

  • Bill Sanders

    The question remains, will you LOVE 2013? I think not… don’t blame me!

    You were warned!


    • DB25

      Take that Republican crap elsewhere – like Fox News – where it belongs.

      • bill remy

        In ure world how many moons are there ?

        • Ed

          One beautiful blue and green moon. How ’bout you?

    • BlueDem1

      I’m going to love 2013…we’ll be very close to having the term “pre-existing condition” retired to the ashheap of history, the tax code will be restored to what it us under Clinton, we know that common sense judges will be appointed to the Supreme Court (who understand that a corporation is not the same as an individual citizen), we will be investing in our nation’s crumbling infrastructure, and watching the Republican Party plunge into civil war.

  • Bradford Sawyer

    By the summer of 2013 no one will question that a true recovery is taking place. This recovery will be lead by one major change taking place. That is OIL! We wil no longer send 750 Billion $$ to other countries for oil. The doom and gloom crowd will be won over. Unless the Republican party changes, they will become a regional party. When you have 73% of Hispanics, 77% of Asians, 97% of blacks and 77% of gays voting against you, something is wrong with the message. Modernize, get the crazies out of the party, and stop the hate messgae, and I might vote Republican again one day.

    • Richard Banner

      What you say is true…but as my party (Republican) is losing all the “minority” votes..the Dems are bleeding white votes…but..we don’t count..we’re just old, white guys…(could you say that about any other group and not be crucified??)

      • Steve Barton

        Who the fuck cares if we’re bleeding white votes, you racist, old, white guy? We’re only losing them because they can’t take their eyes off the scum that is the Fox News Channel (By the way, they have a real knack for fiction). Stop the message hate! Stop calling 47% of the country a bunch of lazy moochers (That doesn’t tend to help you win their votes). Stop insulting women (Who, by the way are half of the country) and minorities with these stupid statements! “Legitimate rape” Rape is a gift from God” “President Obama gave women and minorities gifts to help him win, such as Obamacare” (As if white people don’t benefit from Obamacare) Have fun in 2014, dickhead!

        • bill remy

          Hey Psycho Steve ,Watch the language im no old white guy and if you
          had anything of value I would take it from you. Obonehead is just a Soros puppet
          Welcome to the United states of Soros
          And as far as the Republican party losing the white vote, that only applies to
          the ones who cant make the cut..they have no choice but to go dem and we dont want them back..and the only women u shud speak for are the plastic ones you
          have to inflate for a date.

          • Jonny Quaker

            Hey Bill
            Its good to see the young buck sticking up for “the Old White Guys”
            Although I agree with you that Soros cud have gotten Pee Herman elected
            if he chose to, do not underestimate his ability to buy off the unions and get
            Obama elected twice,,that is no small feat.
            Th individual states will be able to side step Obamacare for sure.
            but the new crisis coming down the pike is the underfunded pension crisis
            which may become a problem sooner rather than latah..so hold on to your money
            laddy Buck

        • Republican

          Up yours you dumbass bastard! You don’t know shit about the country or where were headed. Why don’t you get your head out of your ass and look at reality! First the shit that is the mainstream media spews lies and you assholes believe it! Obamacare will destroy a persons freedom to choose if the want healthcare or not. Isn’t that what america is based on? Freedom. Now women who brought them into it? Filthy liberals (like you) bring them to make us seem like the bad guys. You know everyone got along pretty damn well before Obama got elected. Minorities and women. All Romney said was he is against abortion because it is like killing a human being. Did you know if you shoot a pregnant woman it counts as two counts of murder? One for the mom and one for the kid! So if your pro-choice why don’t you think about that. Abortion is the same thing killing an innocent baby! Maybe the mom shouldn’t be such a dumbass and stop going doggie-style on every fucking dick she sees! So go suck you gay ass dick and get a backbone you pussy!

          • Republican

            I meant this for the shit head Steve Barton so he can shove it up his ass!

          • BlueDem1

            “Obamacare will destroy a persons freedom to choose if the want healthcare or not.”

            And it will protect MY freedom from having to pay for someone else’s medical care because they were too irresponsible to buy their own health insurance coverage. Unlike auto collision involvement, everyone requires medical care periodically during his/her life. When a person can’t afford to pay their medical bills, you know who ends up paying for it? YOU and ME.

          • Edwin

            “You know everyone got along pretty damn well before Obama got elected. ”

            Are you kidding me? You may have not noticed when Bush was in office (because you were happy with the government), but we DIDN’T all get along. And we didn’t all get along during the Clinton era either.

            And your last bit, the rant about abortion being bad and women being sluts (well, you used much more foul language) simply reflects poorly on you — nothing more. Roughly 75% of Americans belief abortion SHOULD be legal. I know that bothers you a lot. But yelling at us that we are evil is not going to make us like you or your position more — it will simply make us realize that you cannot be reasoned with.

          • red phillips

            Not your (or anyone’s) best argument. Passion is passion, etc., but your entry is a sterling example of “Take this back home and do it OVER!”. Honestly, Republican, it’s high near impossible to believe that any cause or belief you value could ever be helped with an obviously excessive tirade like that.

            Once again: take home and do over. Keep all your passion and your anger. Ditch the abuse…

            Now do you see how much more effective you sound?

      • Zutroy

        See, here’s the thing, Richard. The Democrats aren’t “bleeding” anything. Allow me to illustrate;

        In 1988, Dukakis got about 70% of the Hispanic vote and 40% of the white vote—he lost by 8 points.

        In 2012, Obama got about 70% of the Hispanic vote and 40% of the white vote—he won by 3 points and counting.

        You see the trend here? Or can you not count like other Republicans? In order for these statements to be true (and they are), no bleeding would need to take place—just the share of white voters. Get it?

        Know what else, Richard? It’s irreversible.

        • BlueDem1

          If Dukakis run a halfway decent campaign, he’d have won the ’88 election. States like VT, CT, ME, NJ, DE, MD, PA, IL, CA, NM, MI (all reliably blue states starting in ’92), and possibly OH would have most likely been in the Dukakis column. Too bad he was so stupid to think that people’s “decency” would reject the extremely negative campaign conducted by Lee Atwater, Bush’s campaign manager.

          • Edwin

            Dukakis wasn’t stupid, he was naive and idealistic. It was a simpler time, so it was not obvious to everyone except Atwater how truly despicable and manipulative politics could be.

  • joe

    i got my balls stuck in a fan while jerking off to the election

    • red phillips

      I wouldn’t make a habit of that.

  • bob

    Glad to hear I’m not the only one that gets it on to the election Joe. We should hook up ;)

  • joe

    sure i live in china right beside the red river, but they had to change the name to the white river because of all my semen

    thinking about your (hopefully) huge man tits (.)(.)

  • bob

    getting on a plane right now
    cant keep my 14 inch boner down

  • admin

    wow 14 inch i want in on that

  • admin

    and i have the biggest man tits ever

  • Mandi

    wow… I usually just shake my head at all the vitriole spewed in comments sections these days, so it is a pleasant surprise to come across a couple of guys with an actual sense of humor… Thanks, Joe, Bob, and even Admin, for making my day… still chuckling (almost as hard as I did over the results)

    • red phillips

      Please don’t say “hard”.

  • Gigi

    The world is gonna end before 2013 anyway… just saying

    • Edwin

      The world ends every year… and starts anew every year.

      I wish politics were like that.

  • Sherl

    IM GLAD , OBAMA WON ! NOW MY BUTT WILL NEVER ITCH , AND STINK ! *by the way , i took a big shit this morning .

    • red phillips

      I guess we’ll take your word for it.

  • Sean

    Shouldn’t the 2014 mid terms come first?

  • boo

    if obama won relection I promised my friends I would shave my balls. Razor anyone?

  • Richard Banner

    and this is the same “landslide” Bush 43 won in 04 when he squeeked by John Kerry…but “mandates” are different when Democrats win…

    • Zutroy

      No, it’s actually larger by at least a percentage point, 46 more electoral votes, and 2,000,000 more popular votes and counting.

      Speaking of mandates, we’ve won them by popular vote in five of the last six presidential elections. Considering this year was Obama’s low water mark, and the more meager 2004 win was the GOP high water mark for the last 20 years, I’d say the mandates are quite different in number and size. Then again, Republicans would have figured this out by now if they could count.

    • Jarhead

      bush in ’04: 286 EVs, 50.7%
      obama in ’12: 332 EVs, 50.8%

    • BlueDem1

      Kerry was only one (1) state away from winning in 2004…that being either Ohio or Florida. He won most of the battleground states that year.

      Romney was nowhere close. What battleground states did he win? ZERO (unless you count NC, then it would be one). Obama won OH, VA, PA, MI, WI, MN, IA, NV, CO, and FL (plus he destroyed Romney in his home state of MA)

  • George Clinton

    ^someone’s a butthurt republican

    • Jonny Quaker

      Hey George

      Isnt it time for ure sex change operation

      u buttmunch

  • Ben E

    @RichardBanner: When Bush won, he won with just barely above 270 electoral college votes, meanwhile Clinton/Obama won with at least 332 votes.

    1992: results were Clinton 370 to 168
    1996: results were Clinton 379 to 159
    2000: results were Bush 271 to 266
    2004: results were Bush 286 to 251
    2008: results were Obama 365 to 173
    2012: results were Obama 332 to 206

  • Paljor

    Cheering at this from across the pond (a.k.a the UK) guys woohoo!


    As a Republican I was amazed President Obama won, in truth I never really cataloged him as a bad president, I didn’t vote for him in 2008,because in hindsight I am going out on a limb here with all honesty; so I expect negative comments but this is a good place as any to vent my frustration Obama made me feel uncomfortable because he was a Dem and because he was black I don’t feel they are capable leaders, and I live in a community where we do not have much inter action with Blacks, Latins and any other ethnic group for that matter so much of what I see are on news outlets or their networks.

    My initial reaction to an Obama win in 2008 was one of sadness and disdain, I didnt blame the crisis on him I blamed years and years of neglect and these 2 wars I didn’t think George W Bush was a bad president but we were too scared and the war on terror had changed us into a more defense crazed nation we weren’t looking at the larger picture of our country’s future, then 2009 and 2010 hit and for the 1st time I had been truly afraid for my country but I was also amazed at the amount of legislation the President had passed in that time frame and when he introduced his health care plan I took a gander at it and there were some things I hadn’t a greed with but the majority of it were republican plans proposed in 1993-1994 when the Clinton’s wanted to nationalize the care, I agreed with Obama on this he was reaching across the isle using Republican ideas and I think as n old school republican that the public option should only be used for the Children and poor not tailored to every one but the attacks from the media and corporations were lies and unwarranted, I read this law for my self and couldn’t believe how low we stooped and then in 2012 we have attacked other members of our nation who also helped build this country and we were so divisive it mad me take a look at my own prejudices against Blacks and Latins, Romney wasn’t our best he wasn’t we were ll over Kerry abut flip flopping and Romney was just as bad, we had no plan no message to run on accept hating the President, that no position and we were making these positions up on the fly and that wasn’t right, and Obama won because these people voted for a man whom they think best represents them, I didnt realize that till this week, we went to a basketball game at the local college and my niece who’s really liberal really got into a political spat and she asked me to look at the situation in her eyes that if the black majority treated the white minority with contempt and called them leaches and then asked for my vote I guess I wouldn’t vote for them either, I have to admit President Obama isn’t doing a terrible job, he’s trying and although I didn’t vote for hi I wish him success in this second term, because his success is our success, and in the mean time I’ll help trying to get my party back on track and try to vote in a Republican our party and our nation can be proud of

    • bill remy

      U are way overthinking this
      Give George Soros some credit ..he bought off the unions
      and his candidate won this time,he cud have picked anyone else and the results
      would have been the same..
      Thats why we have mid term elections
      The individual states have already figured a way out of Obama care
      As for the college basketball game..All college kids are liberal it is their right to
      be wrong at that age.so we shud not blame them..no this assinine outcome falls
      squarely on the shoulders of the Adults…25 & over to have known better

      • Zutroy

        Thanks for enlightening us. Here we thought it was the Republicans legitimately losing outright, but now we see it’s a grand conspiracy of Soros’ money and college-aged kids, or something…

        It’s always somebody else’s fault… Republicans didn’t fail America, America failed Republicans… Soros… unions… kids under 25…

        Just keep repeating it over and over, while I fetch you a straight-jacket…

    • Edwin

      Thank you for your comments… it is nice to read something from someone who is not frothing at the mouth. Your endorsement of Obama (he “isn’t doing a terrible job”) may not be very strong, but that is what we NEED in this country: people who disagree but still want the country to succeed and even want the government to succeed regardless of which party is in power.

      With people like you working on it, I think the Republican party actually has a chance to turn into something great.

    • Ed

      Hi GOP:

      Thank you for the tone of your comments. Please continue your introspection and recognize there are strong black leaders (including some in the GOP) and that skin color/race/sex/ethnicity has nothing to do with one’s ability to lead (I would have much preferred Colin Powell as president to G.W. Bush). Try to recognize when your opinion about a person’s ability/motives/etc are being determined by race/sex/etc (either for the positive or negative) and work to counteract this urge.

  • Joseph

    Obama won with the 47% of people Romney said do not pay taxes, welfare, SSI, food stamps, Section 8, need I go on. When a child wants something and the parents cannot afford it, you teach the word NO. You cannot spend more than you take in. It is simple. Educate people, let them work for some of their free hand outs. 100 years ago, European immigrants (mine were Italian) were happy to be in America, became citizens, learned English and worked whatever job they could get. They were proud to become Americans. Make people go to school and get an education in addition to getting everything for nothing. Pass a law that English is the language of the land. We are a country of immigrants and by all means language, culture and way of life should be kept alive in homes, Churches and other social places. HOWEVER, when we come together in the work force, English ONLY! BO: stop trying to change this country to socialism.

    • Jarhead

      what does socialism have to do with the language you speak?

    • Edwin

      Joseph: let’s try saying no. Let’s say no to giving oil companies billions for removing oil from the ground. Let’s say no to giving special tax rates for money ‘earned’ on the stock market. Let’s stay no to the special tax exemptions on farms in (predominantly republican) states.

      Those kickbacks cost the government a lot. So it would help to stop having them. Let’s also say no to the people whining about the end of the temporary tax breaks — for the rich, for the middle class — I don’t care.

      If a family can’t pay the bills, what usually happens is someone takes on another job. They do cut bills, but families understand that some things should never be cut — like education, clothing and feeding the needy (children), infrastructure (home maintenance and car maintenance), and defense (insurance, medical bills).

      Likewise, a government should seek to increase revenues. How hard is that to understand? If we have such a problem with a deficit, then let’s raise taxes. We should also cut spending, but not in places like education or care for the needy or infrastructure — those are absolute necessities. And as for defense, we should be cautious about cutting too much — but we have far more than we need right now.

      I agree with you that we should examine this sensibly. We should raise taxes, keep essential spending the same, and cut other things.

  • Joseph

    I have more to say. You watch the unemployment numbers. Last two weeks almost 1 million new claims were filed. Now the numbers are truthful again. Everyone in government, starting with BO should take a 5% pay cut. Raising taxes is not terrible BUT it will in no way, size, shape or form solve our problems. Every program and entitlement should be cut 3%. We must learn sacrifice and suffer a bit. When times are difficult, you have to do with less. Stop borrowing and giving away so much foreign aid to countries that want to destroy us. In a natural disaster, ok but otherwise cut the aid 100% to these evil countries and 50% to every other country. There are ways. We have to be resourceful. You cannot look to the government to do everything for you. Money is not the answer. Try getting married and then bring children into the world. Stop illegitimate children being born.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003407088439 Elsy

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    • Bo’s buddy

      Hey Joe, are you still watching the unemployment numbers?


  • Joseph

    Just because a woman wants a baby she has one and then the government has to pay. What is wrong with this picture? Education is not working because these kids go home to homes where there is one parent and are not loved properly and taught how to live. Is sex and texting the only things teenagers know how to do. Cell phones, computers, etc. are making the children stupid and preventing them from learning social skills and how to talk to people. Family is broken down. Years ago, family was the most important element in society. Today just do what you want.

    • Edwin

      Both parties would disagree with your position here: the democrats believe that the government should help the poor single mother because it can; the republicans believe that the government should help the poor single mother because the child’s life is sacred… or at least they say they believe it is — I’m not so sure they really think that anymore. It is possible that the republican party only cares about children until they are born…

  • bill remy

    Never b4 in American history has stupidity ruled the day as in 2012
    Welcome to the United States of Soros
    democrfacy has failed

    • Edwin

      Democracy actually won. The fact that your guy lost is not an indication that stupidity won or that democracy failed.

      If you want to see failed democracy, go to Egypt where the democratically elected president just gave himself new powers that the court system cannot take away.

      Living in a democracy means that sometimes the government represents a majority that does not include you.

      • bill remy

        Well spoken, Edwin
        I stand corrected I should have said: Democracy has spoken and the bad guys have won.The only people happier than the idiots who voted for Soros are all our enemies that could not vote..for this election anyway..Im sure he will fix that to.
        Read up on Australia..Its the next Rebirth of real America

        • Nicholas gomez

          Just because the 51% of country voted for Obama doesn’t mean the bad guys have won. I’m a dedicated Democrat, but I would have been content with a Republican victory. Democracy fails when those who lost use all there power to ruin the plans and reputation of the incumbent president( i.e the republicans right now) Both parties do this to each other, but Democracy will never truly succeed unless we stop acting like children, and make the best of what the majority wants. We all have our own political opinions, but sometimes we must compromise for the good of our nation.

        • Edwin

          Honestly, the good guys won. If you do not like the modern America (minority white, religion on its way out, capitalism and social policies merged equally) then realize that these trends are not going to stop.

          Soros is not your enemy — demographics are. The democrats are the future — at least until the republicans get their act together. Hispanics will be the majority in this country in a few decades. That IS democracy, that IS America. Nothing you do will change that. It is not illegal aliens — it is just Americans.

          If Australia really is your ideal country, consider emigrating. I do not mean to sound snotty — I mean it sincerely. America is changing fast, and if you do not like the direction then perhaps a new country is more to your liking.

          • Ed

            I’m about 70% liberal, and I still don’t think the “good guys” won. I think corporations have both parties in the bag, and the person who won is the lesser of two evils.

  • http://MetricPioneer.com David Pearl

    I sure hope we adopt a National Metrication Policy some time during the Obama Administration; it would be a giant step forward. You could sign a petition that I started: http://signon.org/sign/adopt-a-national-metrication and visit MetricPioneer.com for more information.

  • antonio

    all the American voters that voted for Obama do not have the minimum idea how the socialist like Obama lied,hate and deceived the people.

    • Edwin

      Funny, I’d say it was the republicans that were lied to and duped… especially since many still cling to the peculiar notion that Obama’s policies are at all like Socialism.

      • Ed

        Yeah, I’d kill for Socialism… Umm, I should probably rephrase that…

        A system more like the current German or Swedish system would be preferred to what we have. (Two European countries that are doing quite well by the way)

        • Edwin

          Agreed. But the Germans are an efficient people who like to do things right (for better or worse). They spent decades crafting an effective health care system, not politicizing it but planning and thinking about how it really should work.

          Americans have a different approach to things: we ignore problems until they are bad, then spend a decade using the problem as a political weapon to beat our opponents. Only after the problem hits crisis levels do we actually decide to DO something about it — but by then we have built up so much hostility towards the issue that useful dialogue is difficult — so in order to stem a crisis we create a band-aid-like solution that is poorly thought out and riddled with flaws. It fixes the immediate crisis, but in the long term it often makes things worse.

          But that’s how we Americans like to roll — we don’t want to be proactive and non-confrontational about anything.

  • Lee

    Hmmm… lets check the comments section on 270towin! Im sure its filled with political nerds crunching numbers and talking strategy.

    …oh no…

    Time to dump the comments. Political flame wars by children are not fun.

    • Edwin

      Agreed. And I am embarrassed that I got caught in it… it’s contagious.

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